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Who is a Jew?
« -: Септември 28, 2007, 22:40:14 pm »
Who is a Jew?

By Clifford Shack

There is a website on the Internet called Jew Watch. It is keeping an eye on certain Jews as they go about their business "controlling the world". The question is...just who are they watching? Who is a Jew?
According to Jewish law, a Jew is someone who has been born of a Jewish mother or someone who has converted to Judaism.
This is interesting because according to this law, the following people were not Jewish:
Abraham. No Jewish mother.
Isaac. No Jewish mother.
Jacob. No Jewish mother.
Sarah. No Jewish mother.
Rebecca. No Jewish mother.
Rachel. No Jewish mother.
The Twelve sons of Jacob, and their wives.No Jewish mother.
Moses. No Jewish mother.
Aaron. No Jewish mother.
Miriam. No Jewish mother.
All of the Israelites that Moses led out of Egypt.No Jewish mothers.
All of their descendants.
King David and all his decendants.
So if you think about it....there is no such thing as a Jew according to Jewish law.
Who exactly was the first Jewish mother? Whoever that was...she would have had to have a Jewish mother in order to be Jewish....
Up until the Crusades, Jewishness was determined by the father! During the crusades, untold thousands of Jewish women and girls were raped by Crusaders as they passed through the Jewish communities of Europe and the Near-East.According to Jewish law, the fetus which is the product of rape can be aborted. However, in many cases during that time it would have been impossible to tell if the baby was the product of the Crusading rapist or the child of the natural father. Such a doubt seemed to have left the rabbis little choice then to alter the laws determining "Jewishness".From that time forward "Jewishness" was to determined by the mother.
From this it seems that "Jewishness" is not determined by a hard and fast law but by an accepted and agreed upon tradition.
This is really quite remarkable.
According to this information,if both the father and the mother are actually capable of determining "Jewishness", then there have been "Jewish 'non-Jews'" walking this planet for thousands of years making "Jewish" babies.
Are we all Jews?
According to this line of reasoning...yes.


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